Olympic star joins the Kilimanjaro Challenge!

tashWith just less than one month to go until the Kilimanjaro Challenge, we are delighted to announce some rather exciting news… Drum roll… Our team of Kilimanjaro trekkers will be joined by British Olympic hero Tasha Danvers who will help us to raise vital awareness and funds to support people living with HIV in London.

London-born Tasha is understandably delighted to be able to support her community: “As an Olympian you often spend time having to be very selfish in order to achieve your goals.  It’s so refreshing for me to be able to do something challenging for the benefit of others.”

“Positive East’s work is hugely important to the communities of London. When I heard the Kilimanjaro Challenge would contribute to something which works right at the grassroots of our communities I couldn’t say no. It’s a fabulous project which helps hundreds of the neediest people in London to get back on their feet in the face of adversity and live full, healthy lives.”

The former track and field star hopes that by signing up to Positive East’s Kilimanjaro Challenge she can inspire people around her to get involved: “I love working with charities, and it’s even better when I get to encourage other people to get involved too. I think sometimes we underestimate what even the smallest gesture could mean for someone else.”

Contributing to Tasha’s Kilimanjaro Challenge is extremely easy. Just go to: www.JustGiving.com/TashaDanvers and pledge your support. To keep up to date with the latest developments from Kilimanjaro follow @PositiveEast and @TashaDanvers on Twitter.

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